Alasdair Watson

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Summertime Blues
18th July 2003
It's summertime, and the heat is making Alasdair even grumpier than usual. And he's stuck at home while the rest of the editorial board are on holiday in San Diego. You've been warned.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Café Society
20th June 2003
A company that normally specialises in personalised T-shirts and mousemats is looking to move into the publishing sector - by letting customers publish their own books. Is this a revolution in the making for the mini-comics crowd?

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Punk As Folk
23rd May 2003
Never mind the mainstream; it's at the fringe that comics are likely to find a receptive market, and in that market, originality really counts. Alasdair Watson argues the case against cover versions.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Surf Safari
25th April 2003
The internet has opened up all sorts of new avenues for comics storytelling, most of which remain entirely unexplored. Alasdair Watson offers a few suggestions for exploring this untapped potential.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - The Thinking Man
28th March 2003
This month, Alasdair Watson's thoughts turn to thinking - and unthinking. Why aren't comics smarter? Why don't comics place more value on ideas? And why would anyone option THE GARGOYLE?

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Common Ground
28th February 2003
Alasdair Watson takes a look at a possible path for the evolution of copyright, and how it might affect comics, and gives his thoughts on some of the mystery surrounding Marvel's new Epic line.

Editorial: Camera Obscura: Get Smart
31st January 2003
It's all about alternatives with Alasdair Watson this week; alternatives to the comic culture, and alternatives to activism. Could push technology provide the shove that comic readers need?

Editorial: Camera Obscura - The Magic Pencil
3rd January 2003
Alasdair Watson makes his bid to be this year's doomsayer for the comics industry. Plus, a look at the British Library's Magic Pencil exhibition, which profiles the work of such exceptional talents as Posy Simmonds and Raymond Briggs.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Superhate
6th December 2002
Stand back, Superman. There's just one thing dominating Alasdair Watson's thoughts this month: His consuming hatred for that sexless, simplistic, immoral and inferior icon of a sci-fi subgenre: the superhero.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - All Action
8th November 2002
In the second of the new look Ninth Art editorials, Alasdair Watson looks at the action genre in comics beyond the familiar confines of the superhero subgenre, from Alan Moore's PROMETHEA to Greg Rucka's QUEEN & COUNTRY.

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