Andrew Wheeler

Comment: I Was A Marvel Zombie
15th May 2006
After twenty years as a Marvel reader, Andrew Wheeler is calling it quits. He explains why the publisher's conservative streak and its fraternity of cherished writers have chased him away from the characters he loves.

Top Nine: Wheeler's Choice
20th February 2006
Ninth Art celebrates five years of comics commentary by inviting contributors past and present to look back at nine books that best represent their love of comics. Editor Andrew Wheeler kicks off the feature with his Top Nine.

Comment: 'San Diego', To The Tune Of 'Desperado'
25th July 2005
It's Nerdi Gras, it's Cannes for geeks, and somewhere amidst the toys and the games, it's a comic convention. Andrew Wheeler reports on this year's San Diego con, home to fat books, gay heroes, new manga... but not much buzz.

Comment: The Sorry State Of Fans
9th May 2005
Fans are celebrating the return of DOCTOR WHO and eagerly awaiting the new STAR WARS, but are they just fooling themselves? Curmudgeonly Andrew Wheeler looks at why fans make such terrible critics.

Comment: Reputations
14th February 2005
As rumourmonger Rich Johnston makes a bid to be the most hated man in comics, Andrew Wheeler argues in his defence, and wonders if it's time to rehabilitate other contenders for the title, namely Bill Jemas and Micah Wright.

Comment: To The Batcloset
13th December 2004
Fifty years after Fredric Wertham accused Batman and Robin of sharing a 'love relationship', Andrew Wheeler explores the enduring question of Batman's sexuality. Plus, what have we learned in 2004?

Comment: The Seven Habits Of Defective Comic Writers
11th October 2004
There's something not quite right about comic writers. They can combine the insanity of actresses with the arrogance of surgeons. Andrew Wheeler pinpoints seven of the warning signs that suggest that a writer is losing his grip on reality.

Comment: Library Dues
16th August 2004
With the end in sight for X-STATIX, Andrew Wheeler looks at the book's uneven legacy, Peter Milligan's future on X-MEN, and Marvel's seemingly lacklustre approach to producing trade paperbacks with lasting value.

Comment: Speak Its Name
21st June 2004
Andrew Wheeler looks in THE MIRROR OF LOVE, by Alan Moore and Jose Villarrubia, and wonders if the cause of gay representation in comics has stalled now that the publishers have paid lip service.

Editorial: Face It, Tiger - Across The Universes
16th April 2004
As Mack, Oeming and Bendis make the jump to Marvel's newest imprint, DC WildStorm pulls the plug on two titles, and Erik Larsen takes over at Image, Andrew Wheeler takes a reading of the current state of the major superhero publishers.

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