Antony Johnston

Top Nine: Johnston's Choice
17th April 2006
Ninth Art editor and comic book writer Antony Johnston tells the story of his life as a comics fan, from Alan Moore to Azzarello, from ZENITH to WHITEOUT, from first flings to reignited passions.

Editorial: Cassandra Complex: Curtain Calls & Cyberpunx
30th April 2004
In his final Cassandra Complex, Antony Johnston looks back at some of the big stories from three years of Ninth Art, including Epic adventures, the decline of Crossgen, and the rise of comics piracy.

Editorial: Cassandra Complex - Writers & Wringers
26th March 2004
Writing comics; it's the best and easiest job in the world. Right? Antony Johnston's been doing it for a couple of years now, and he's ready to explode a few myths. Especially the one about the hot groupies.

Editorial: Cassandra Complex: Undergrounds & Underdogs
27th February 2004
The internet and the exploitation of niche markets have driven obscure cult interests out into the open. Antony Johnston asks, whatever happened to the underground?

Editorial: Cassandra Complex - Silence & Subtleties
23rd January 2004
Has controversy taken a back seat, asks Antony Johnston, or is the industry just catching its breath? Plus, an idea for how comics could inspire video games that's a little more sophisticated than X-MEN: MUTANT ACADEMY.

Editorial: Cassandra Complex - Previews & Perishers
28th November 2003
The Direct Market needs the Previews catalogue, whether we like it or not - but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of room for improvement. Antony Johnston offers his reccomendation for the one change that might have the biggest impact.

Editorial: Cassandra Complex - The Waiting & The Winsome
31st October 2003
Now everyone seems to be waiting for the trade, and it looks like the industry is well on its way from the comic shop to the book shop. Antony Johnston looks at how the landscape is changing.

Editorial: Cassandra Complex - Canons & Carnivores
3rd October 2003
Continuity is an obsession for many comics readers, but is it important? Antony Johnston considers the purpose of continuity and the reactions against it.

Editorial: Cassandra Complex - Wishing & Whiskers
5th September 2003
After a recent Ninth Art article dared to be downbeat, Antony Johnston returns to the theme of the Golden Age to spell out the steps he thinks the industry needs to take to achieve that lofty ideal.

Editorial: Cassandra Complex - X-Treme X-Atlantic
8th August 2003
From one extreme to the other: Antony zooms round San Diego, then relaxes in Oxford, all the while musing about why no-one seems to read their comics more than once.

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