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Things To Come: Previews September for comics shipping November 2005
29th August 2005
Brian Wood pulls double duty in the DMZ and LOCAL, SENTINEL and X-FACTOR make their returns at Marvel, Warren Ellis gets DOWN, and Dark Horse gets romantic as it cuddles up with Harlequin.

Things To Come: Previews August for comics shipping October 2005
1st August 2005
This October sees NEXUS getting the hardcover treatment and Chris Ware restocking the library. Plus, Steve Niles heads to Gotham, Guy Delisle explores North Korea, and SHE-HULK takes another swing.

Things To Come: Previews July for comics shipping September 2005
4th July 2005
Is originality such a rare commodity in comic? Greg McElhatton goes looking for invention, and finds promising notions from Ted Naifeh, Warren Ellis and Naoki Urasawa, but precious little else.

Things To Come June for comics shipping August 2005
6th June 2005
Summer loving happens so fast in the world of comics solicitations. It's August there already, which means new books from Alex Robinson and Chynna Clugston, and new books without Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.

Things To Come: Previews May for comics shipping July 2005
25th April 2005
The publishers are getting ready for the San Diego push, with this month's Previews boasting new works by Al Davidson, Rich Koslowski and Ted Naifeh, the return of Frank Miller to Batman, and Jae Lee's definitive HELLSHOCK.

Things To Come: Previews April for comics shipping June 2005
28th March 2005
It's Greg's McElhatton's birthday, so here's a long list of things he'd like - and they're things you might like too, including Rick Veitch's BRATPACK, a feast of Matt Wagner, and, of course, a CAVALCADE OF BOYS.

Things To Come: Previews March for comics shipping May 2005
28th February 2005
It's time for Previews Idol, and Greg McElhatton is your host in a rundown of the comics looking for your support this month, including THE FORTY-NINERS, SERENITY ROSE, AKIKO and STRANGEHAVEN.

Things To Come: Previews February for comics shipping April 2005
31st January 2005
This month, Greg McElhatton turns the spotlight on some of the books that nobody seems to be talking about, including Sam Kieth's OJO, Hurd and Smith's TEMPORARY, and the return of Mike Grell's JON SABLE.

Things To Come: Previews January 2005 for comics shipping March 2005
27th December 2004
As the holiday season draws to an end, it's time to start spending money on yourself again! Greg McElhatton has some tips for the careful shopper, including the latest works from Katsuhiro Otomo, Paul Rabagliati and Manu Larcenet.

Things To Come: Previews December 2004 for comics shipping February 2005
6th December 2004
Greg McElhatton stirs from his Thanksgiving coma to take a look ahead to February's comics, including the return of Andy Runton's OWLY, Andi Watson's LITTLE STAR, and the new AdHouse anthology, PROJECT: SUPERIOR.

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