Lawrence Rider

The Friday Review: Supreme Power: Contact
23rd April 2004
J Michael Straczynski offers a new take on Mark Gruenwald's old take on DC's classic JLA. It's analogues-a-go-go as Ninth Art dips in to the latest attempt at a superhero epic, to see if the BABYLON 5 creator can provide a fresh twist.

Holding Out For A Hero
9th February 2004
As superheroes enjoy a cultural renaissance on the big and small screens, Lawrence Rider looks to history to ask why these very American icons seem to thrive in times of political uncertainty.

Making Comics Is Easy: A Cautionary Tale
24th October 2003
Anyone can make comics. It just takes a little time and commitment. Plus the correct alignment of the stars, the good will of the gods, and a strong following wind. One frustrated aspiring creator tells his tale.

Rack And Ruin
1st February 2002
Comic shops tend to rack their product in ways that would seem ridiculous in bookshops. With greater diversity in the comics market, Lawrence Rider says it's time for a change.

The Friday Review: Torso
25th January 2002
Eliot Ness versus America's first serial killer. It sounds like a great concept for a movie, but so far, the best version of the story can be found in a comic, courtesy of Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko.

The Friday Review: Bizarro Comics
16th November 2001
At Bizarro DC the likes of Chuck Dixon and Howard Porter have been ousted in favour of Jessica Abel and Kyle Baker. Ninth Art cracks open a window into a better world...

The Cult of Celebrity
17th August 2001
Names like J Michael Straczynski and Kevin Smith may provide a boost to books like SPIDER-MAN and GREEN ARROW, but do they provide any benefit for the comics industry?

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