Lindsay Duff

Children Of The Atom
8th July 2002
From the orphaning of Bruce Wayne to the surrogate family of Miracleman, parental relationships have always been unconventional in superhero fiction. Lindsay Duff looks at what these absent parents and authoritative fathers might represent.

Reach Out And Touch Someone
29th March 2002
The comic industry is desperate to bring in new and lapsed readers - but will efforts such as Free Comics Day reap any rewards if the industry continues to look and behave like a clique?

Anthology In The UK
25th February 2002
In America, anthology comics are a rarity, but in Britain, they're the norm. From sci-fi to war stories, from kids' books to adult humour, from boys' own to girls' own, Ninth Art presents a history of the British anthology.

Hold The Front Page: An interview with Andi Watson
28th January 2002
Andi Watson has emerged as one of the most distinctive and original creators working in comics today. Ninth Art spoke to the SLOW NEWS DAY creator about female characters, the animated SKELETON KEY, and looking beyond comics for artistic inspiration.

Flying Colours: A History of Uniforms in Sequential Art
17th September 2001
For comics, the uniform is more than just a superhero convention. Distinctive character designs have always been a vital element in sequential art, as Lindsay Duff explains.

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