Nick Locking

Salacious Illustration: Small And Imperfectly Formed
14th January 2002
There's a dearth of strong non-spandex books on offer from the big publishers, and the only other source is the small press. But, Nick Locking argues, the small press just isn't good enough.

Salacious Illustration: One Way System
17th December 2001
In the first instalment of his new regular column for Ninth Art, Nick Locking wonders why a medium with as much potential as comics has become so locked in to narrative formulas.

The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth
28th September 2001
GI JOE is back! And according to Nick Locking, its return is just the latest sign of the industry's crippling dependency on old ideas - a dependency that perpetuates a readership of geeks.

The Friday Review: Transformers: All Fall Down
31st August 2001
Take a nostalgic trip back to the era of puffball skirts, Michael J Fox and Reaganomics, as Nick Locking reviews what may just be comics' greatest ever 'toy story'.

Face Front, True Believers
10th August 2001
There have been a lot of changes at Marvel, and for the first time in a long time it may actually deserve to be called 'The House of Ideas'. Nick Locking asks if there's anything left to sneer about at 'New Marvel'.

Comics 2001 Review Special: Never Mind The Comics
1st June 2001
A black and white anthology comic circulated widely at last weekend's Comics 2001 festival in Bristol. Nick Locking explains what the book was all about, and offers his opinions on its contents.

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