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Minority Report: A Brief History Of Women In Comics, Part 2
13th January 2003
The Three Faces Of Eve: Where did women turn as creators and as readers when offered few opportunities by the claustrophobic comics market of the 1970s? Rob Vollmar looks at three possible paths; ELFQUEST, Archie comics and the female superhero fans.

The Friday Review: Ring Of The Nibelung
3rd January 2003
We're calling it the best bookshelf comic of 2002, and as Rob Vollmar attests, P Craig Russell's paper opera is also one of the most staggeringly beautiful comics ever produced. Ninth Art introduces an epic fantasy every bit as spectacular as Tolkien.

Minority Report: A Brief History Of Women In Comics, Part 1
16th December 2002
Continuing his series of essays on minority voices, Rob Vollmar traces the presence of female creators and the market for girl's comics through the 1940s, 50s and 60s, to see how economics and censorship helped drive both close to extinction.

Minority Report: Super Like Me
18th November 2002
THE CASTAWAYS creator Rob Vollmar returns to Ninth Art with a new series looking at minority voices in comics, beginning with a look at the artificial account of comics' diversity presented to us by the OVERSTREET aesthetic.

The Occidental Tourist: East Eats West
23rd September 2002
Rob Vollmar wraps up his exploration of the world of manga with a look back over the manga boom of the past few months, and asks whether it's a major change for the industry, or a bubble just waiting to burst. Is SAILOR MOON just a latter-day mutant turtle?

The Occidental Tourist: Manga By Name
26th August 2002
When is a manga story not a manga story? Rob Vollmar tries to pin down the real identity of manga with a look at some of the 'titular mangas', such as the works of Yoshitaka Kiyama, Sanho Kim and Lea Hernandez.

The Occidental Tourist: The Year Of Ordering Dangerously
29th July 2002
The American market for manga is very different to the market for Western comics - and very different from the manga market of only a few years ago. Rob Vollmar looks at how SAILOR MOON and manga formats have created a minor boom.

The Occidental Tourist: Woman Seeks Manga
1st July 2002
This month, Rob ventures into a parallel world, where women not only read comics, but also make them! And the subject matter takes in everything from girls' adventure fiction to homosexual love stories. Join us now into a world they call 'Japan'...

The Occidental Tourist: Ancestor Worship
3rd June 2002
He was called the God of Manga. And he earned that title. Rob Vollmar presents an introduction to Osamu Tezuka, a master of sequential storytelling whose great works truly demand your attention.

The Friday Review: Flesh Colored Horror
17th May 2002
To complement Rob Vollmar's recently launched series of essays on manga, Ninth Art presents a review of the collected early works of acclaimed and accomplished Japanese horror writer Junji Ito.

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