Steve Parker

The Friday Review: Rogue Trooper: Future War
18th July 2003
Out of the mists of the Eighties and the chem-clouds of war-torn Nu-Earth comes a collection of the earliest tales featuring one of the signature characters from British comics juggernaut 2000AD; the Future Warrior known as the ROGUE TROOPER.

The Friday Review: The Tale Of One Bad Rat
23rd May 2003
Child abuse and homelessness are not subjects to be treated lightly. In ONE BAD RAT, Bryan Talbot not only handles his themes with great sensitivity, he's also created a comic of great intelligence - and importance.

The Friday Review: Cathedral Child
8th November 2002
A cathedral sized computer with an angel in its architecture. Software that sings of old magic and new technology. All to be found in CATHEDRAL CHILD, Lea Hernandez's story of love that conquers, power that corrupts and music that shapes the world.

The Friday Review: Concrete: Think Like A Mountain
26th July 2002
Paul Chadwick's CONCRETE has long been a cause célèbre among the advocates of creator-ownership. With the eco-parable THINK LIKE A MOUNTAIN, Chadwick delivers his most morally complex and thought-provoking work to date.

The Friday Review: Grrl Scouts
29th March 2002
Life's a riot for the GRRL SCOUTS on the mean streets of Freak City as their drug dealing brings them into conflict with corporate America and the sinister Brotherhood of the Cracker. Join Jim Mahfood's hip-hop anti-heroines as they fight for their right to party.

The Friday Review: Hectic Planet Book One: Dim Future
22nd February 2002
It's a dim future in 2074, as Evan Dorkin's crew of misfit smugglers hop from one hectic planet to another, dodging crazed politicians, psychotic mercenaries and rioting skinheads along the way.

The Friday Review: Jingle Belle: Naughty And Nice
21st December 2001
The weather outside is frightful, and so is the Blizzard Wizard! Can Paul Dini's JINGLE BELLE get back on the Nice list by saving Christmas, or is she too busy being Naughty with the Eskimo boys?

The Friday Review: Terminal City
9th November 2001
There may be eight million stories in the naked city, but there are just as many in TERMINAL CITY. Climb aboard an Imperial Zeppelin for a visit to Dean Motter's retro-futuristic metropolis.

The Friday Review: Breakfast After Noon
17th August 2001
Comics about the everyday are few and far between, but with BREAKFAST AFTER NOON it's the execution that's remarkable.

The Friday Review: Clan Apis
20th July 2001
Steve Parker gives the buzz on CLAN APIS, the endearingly funny and stealthily educational story of a new-born honeybee and her life in the hive. You really will believe a bee can fly!

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