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Triple A: Covers Of The Year 2002
16th December 2002
In Ninth Art's second annual look back over the covers that swarmed the shelves in the past twelve months, the editorial board considers the worst, the best, the boldest and the most breathtaking works of art on offer.

Triple A: Searching For The Invisible Man
18th November 2002
How do you make sense of a man like Grant Morrison? Ninth Art's editorial board sparked up the crackpipe (well, broke out the Merlot, anyway) to take a long look at one of the industry's most creative minds.

Triple A: Stand Up Comics
21st October 2002
Is there anything that comics can do that other media can't? And if any such devices exist, are they gimmicks or useful tools? This month, Ninth Art's roundtable discussion addresses the question: What's so special about telling tales in comic form?

Triple A: Bring Me A Dream
23rd September 2002
Five years after the publication of SANDMAN: THE WAKE, Ninth Art looks back at the book that put Vertigo on the map and revolutionised the trade market, and asks if it lives up to its reputation as one of the great long-form comic stories.

Triple A: Bad To The Bone?
15th April 2002
When it comes to simplistic morals and cackling evil, are the villains in comic books all to be judged guilty, or are comics capable of subtler shades of grey than the general public seems to assume?

Triple A: Wonder Women & Invisible Girls
18th February 2002
From SPIDER-MAN's Gwen to GREEN LANTERN's Alex, is it always the fate of female characters to be hapless girlfriends and helpless victims, or are we entering into more enlightened times?

Triple A: Look Back In Spandex
21st January 2002
WATCHMEN and DARK KNIGHT RETURNS are two works that redefined a genre. Yet, looking back after fifteen years, how much did they really change? And are they as great as we remember?

Triple A: Covers Of The Year 2001
24th December 2001
Maybe you can't tell a book by its cover, but you can sell one. With so many books crowding the shelves these days, a good cover is all-important. Ninth Art looks back on some of the best covers of 2001.

Triple A: The Lost Worlds
26th November 2001
Beyond the capes and spandex, comics have proven their ability to do crime, sci-fi and fantasy. But what about the forgotten genres, like historic fiction, comedy and social drama? Is anyone attempting to tell those tales?

Triple A: What-Else-Worlds?
2nd November 2001
In an industry dominated by superheroes, which other genres are making headway in comics form? Sci-fi and fantasy sell a lot of novels; can they do the same for comics?

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