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Comment: Every Day Opinions
22nd November 2004
Newspaper editors don't seem to have much respect for the comic strip, yet as Chris Ekman explains, comics may be one of the few places where the papers still editorialise - especially in the case of Gary Trudeau's DOONESBURY.

Comment: Beyond The City Limits
13th September 2004
With the comics adaptation of Paul Auster's CITY OF GLASS finally back in print, Chris Ekman uncovers what makes it such an extraordinary work - and proposes an alternative avenue for Art Spiegelman's aborted comics lit experiments.

Comment: Alternative Medicine
19th July 2004
Alterative Comics is the latest independent publisher to put out a call for help. Chris Ekman picks out some of his favourite Alternative reading from the past few years. Plus, can comics break the paper ceiling of mainstream arts coverage?

Comment: Terror Tales
24th May 2004
Terrorism may be the major preoccupation for the world at large, but it's a subject that's barely addressed by comics. Chris Ekman returns to Ninth Art, with an examination of comics' failure to get to grips with terror.

Things To Come: Previews December 2003 for comics shipping February 2004
12th December 2003
Ninth Art's Chris Ekman makes his final picks from the Previews catalogue in his last Things To Come, bowing out with a selection that includes ATTITUDE and Leland Purvis's VOX, and asks the important question, THE PAIN... WHEN WILL IT END?

Things To Come: Previews November 2003 for comics shipping January 2004
10th November 2003
Batten down the hatches. Ninth Art's Previews reviewer is as mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore. After months of highlighting the industry's best, Chris Ekman makes his personal selection of the very worst comics in the catalogue.

Things To Come: Previews October for comics shipping December 2003
6th October 2003
Chris Ekman looks ahead to the comics that will round out 2003, including the launch of the Millarworld line, the comics debut of Michael Chabon, and new works from Carol Swain, Nabiel Kanan and Kyle Baker.

Things To Come: Previews September for comics shipping November 2003
8th September 2003
In this week's bumper journey through comics' coming attractions, Chris Ekman gets caught up in that wacky AMERICAN SPLENDOR hullabaloo, and pays tribute to THE FABULOUS FURRY FREAK BROTHERS.

Things To Come: Previews August for comics shipping October 2003
4th August 2003
The pick of this October's comics includes a harrowing work by the superb Paul Hornschemeier, more strange digressions from Dave Sim, the beer-stained adventures of Ralph Snart, and an intriguing Holocaust tale from Joe Kubert.

Things To Come: Previews July for comics shipping September 2003
7th July 2003
It's a mad, mad, mad MAD month this September, with retrospectives on comics legends Will Elder, Bernie Krigstein, Wally Wood and Basil Wolverton all on their way. Don't worry, though, there's new stuff too, like a CD version of Graig Weich's CIVILIAN JUSTICE!

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