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The Eye Line: Sleeper Hit
29th September 2003
Ninth Art continues its look at WildStorm's Eye Of The Storm line by talking to SLEEPER creator Ed Brubaker about finding his place in the industry, and working to turn a critical hit into a sales hit in the face of retailer apathy.

The Eye Line: Behind The Brand
1st September 2003
Ninth Art talks to Joe Casey and Dustin Nguyen, creators of WILDCATS VERSION 3.0, about their innovative attempts to take the WildStorm flagship title into mature readers territory and turn it into a sales success.

The List: Daredevil
11th August 2003
With Andrew Wheeler and Brent Keane. Daredevil is strictly second tier in the icon stakes, but his stories have included some of the greatest pulps in the superhero canon. Ninth Art pays tribute to Hornhead's greatest hits.

The Friday Review: X-Statix: Good Omens
13th June 2003
When the cult of the superhero meets the cult of celebrity - in a rebranded version of an old Rob Liefeld book - you'd be forgiven for expecting something lowbrow. Of course, with creators Peter Millgan and Mike Allred on board, expectations are certain to be confounded.

The List: Crime Noir
20th January 2003
Ninth Art presents a new feature looking at the best that comics can offer, kicking off with a visit to the dirty end of town, where rain falls on trenchcoat-wearing men who work outside of the law. Crime noir compulsive John Fellows checks out some of the best comics can offer.

The Friday Review: Alias
10th January 2003
Mature readers crime fiction. Marvel superheroes. Together at last? If it can be made to work, then Brian Michael Bendis, creator of POWERS and the current writer on DAREDEVIL, is the man most likely to succeed.

The Friday Review: Bulletproof Monk
11th October 2002
When BULLETPROOF MONK hits cinema screens as a Seann William Scott/Yun-Fat Chow movie, it's going to seem mainstream. In comics, it's anything but. Ninth Art discovers that you don't need sticky floors and folding seats to enjoy a good popcorn tale.

Adventures In The Screen Trade
7th October 2002
Cool Beans World failed at it. Marvel sees it as a side project. So is online comics-publishing a viable business? Ninth Art spoke to two people who are proving that it can be - Unbound Comics' Aaron Thacker and Modern Tales' Joey Manley.

The Friday Review: Channel Zero
31st May 2002
Fifty-seven channels and there's nothing on? Ninth Art turns the dial back to zero, where designer Brian Wood has torn down the media curtain with unparalleled style in his tale of anti-capitalist subversion.

The Stan Lee Experience
20th May 2002
Which man connects Spider-Man, the Cuban Government, the Clintons, and the Central Intelligence Agency? As comics attempt to make the transition onto the internet, Ninth Art investigates the emerging industry's first major misstep.

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