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Letter from the Editors

On this, the day of Ninth Art's third anniversary, we announce a few changes we're making to the site so we can continue to bring you the very best in comics criticism and commentary.
03 May 2004

Ninth Art is changing.

In the last three years, Ninth Art has run over 800 articles covering a remarkable spectrum of subjects and opinion, and we've done it all without charging a penny. We stated on day one that it would be our aim to create "an expanding repository of ideas, analysis and contemporary thought, exploring every aspect of the arts and industry of comics." With the help and contributions of a superb group of writers, we've done just that.

We also promised to update twice a week, every Monday and Friday, and we've kept that promise without fail, delivering five articles a week in the face of wind, rain, computer viruses, comic conventions, and weekend drinking binges in New Orleans. But now, in order to protect our sanity, guard against burnout, and maintain the high standards we've committed ourselves to, we've decided to make some changes.

Starting this week, Ninth Art will only update on Mondays. There'll be no more Friday Reviews or Friday Editorials - but Ninth Art will still be the place to come for the best book reviews and comics commentary on the Internet. We're also making a change with our most consistently popular feature: The Shipping Forecast has become The Forecast, and the old fishing crew have given way to a new team of opinionated critics, who will also provide us with the Comment, our weekly topical opinion piece.

On top of this we'll still publish the very best interviews, features, retrospectives, reviews, spotlights, profiles and previews reviews, and we'll be introducing a few new ideas as well. We'll just be doing it once a week, rather than twice.

Antony Johnston,
Alasdair Watson,
Andrew Wheeler.

Ninth Art Editorial,
May 3, 2004.

Wheeler, Johnston and Watson are the Ninth Art editorial board.

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