Farewell from Ninth Art
By the Ninth Art editorial board
A few final words of passing, from the team that welcomed you in back on May 7th 2001.

Article 10: Final Analysis
By Paul O'Brien
In the last Article 10, Paul O'Brien reflects on five years of comics commentary in changing times, the origins and intentions of the column, and the dismal future faced by superhero fans.

Article 10: Arts From Their Elbows
By Paul O'Brien
Is there truth in art? Storytellers place great value in the power of fiction to communicate ideas - but does the artist reveal truth, or just an amazing simulation? Paul O'Brien looks for the facts in fiction.

Comment: I Was A Marvel Zombie
By Andrew Wheeler
After twenty years as a Marvel reader, Andrew Wheeler is calling it quits. He explains why the publisher's conservative streak and its fraternity of cherished writers have chased him away from the characters he loves.

Comment: Craig's Last Hunt
By Matthew Craig
It's good night from him, as Matthew Craig discovers he's not quite the fan he used to be. He explains why he needs to take a break - and, as if to demonstrate the point, shares his proposal for a fat Wonder Woman.

Article 10: Crossovers At Cross Purposes
By Paul O'Brien
Marvel and DC cross paths at crossover central this month, but while DC's big event tried to serve the existing audience, Marvel appears to be trying to court a new one. Paul O'Brien wonders which company has the better idea.

Things To Come: Previews May for comics shipping July 2006
By Greg McElhatton
Bumper boys, genius girls and dinky deaths are all present and correct this month. Plus, KRAMER gets a new ERGOT, SURROGATES get collected, and barbarians get together with CONAN and XENA.

Article 10: Productive Thinking
By Paul O'Brien
What sort of car does your favourite hero drive? What's their favourite T-shirt? Do you really care? Paul O'Brien does, as he looks at the thorny issue of product placement in comics.

Article 10: TM Comics
By Paul O'Brien
What's the difference between a young Clark Kent and Superboy? When is a superhero not a superhero? Paul O'Brien wades in to the frustratingly baffling world of comic book intellectual property law.

Article 10: Beyond The Fringe
By Paul O'Brien
If you love Silver Sable, if you love Dominic Fortune, and if you're a fan of Brendan Cahill, then boy, does Marvel have a comic for you! But chances are you're none of these things. Why do publishers pump out these under-promoted fringe projects?

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