Alasdair Watson

Top Nine: Watson's Choice
19th June 2006
Rounding out the series in which Ninth Art contributors look back on their favourite comics, the third of 9A's founding editors reveals his nine picks, from DISEASE to SAVAGES, by way of a little UNDERSTANDING.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - The Call
9th April 2004
The ambition of most comic creators is to write supermen and mutants. The only way to make a living in comics is to write supermen and mutants. If these two things are true, says Alasdair Watson, then the industry has reached a dead end.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Whisky Business
8th March 2004
Alasdair Watson visits a convention with a difference; one where they ply you with whisky from beginning to end. Oh, but it's got nothing to do with comics. He comes back with a few observations to share, and a hangover to keep.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - The Soap Bubble
6th February 2004
Chris Claremont established the soap opera formula for the X-Men family of titles, and it's never been able to escape from it. While the formula may have its strengths, says Alasdair Watson, there's no advantage in being slave to the soaps.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Messages In Bottles
2nd January 2004
Writing under the restriction of a post-New Year's hangover, Ninth Art's resident curmudgeon looks at how limitations can push creators to do their very best - and notes how rarely comic creators push themselves at all.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Nothing New
5th December 2003
When an industry's in decline, isn't that a good time to take risks? There are talented writers out there with great stories to tell, according to Alasdair Watson, who will never get the chance if publishers continue to chase the same shrinking audiences.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Oh, What A Lovely Bore
7th November 2003
Hey, you! Yes, you! Do comics leave you feeling listless and uninspired? Is your reading matter flat, lifeless and dull? Well, tough, says Alasdair Watson. The first flush of love was bound to fade eventually.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Serious Business
10th October 2003
What will it take for the medium of comics to produce truly great works of art, and truly great artists? Alasdair Watson believes the potential is there, if only the business side would take the necessary risks to push the art form to the next level.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Telling Tales
12th September 2003
Alasdair Watson confronts the ultimate horror - bad storytelling - and considers how the constraints of the serial format have forced comics to go in limited directions while leaving other avenues unexplored.

Editorial: Camera Obscura - Pithy Remarks
15th August 2003
A comics news site has stirred up a controversy by hiring a pseudonymous reviewer, and the comics clubhouse is outraged. But we need people like Jess Lemon, according to Alasdair Watson (if, indeed, that is his real name).

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