Alistair Kennedy

Alphabetti Fumetti: E is for Ellis
3rd October 2005
Ninth Art's A-to-Z guide to some of comics' biggest movers and shakers reaches three creators with firm attitudes to superheroes, and notably idiosyncratic voices; Warren Ellis, Steve Englehart and Garth Ennis.

The Book Review: Essential Super-Villain Team-Up
18th April 2005
Stan Lee brings on the bad guys with the help of a host of old school greats in this classic collection of nefarious tales as Dr Doom and the Sub-Mariner team up to take on the world. With special guest Adolf Hitler.

Conventional Wisdom: Pac-A-Wac-A-Wowie
4th July 2003
To mark this summer's convention season, Ninth Art has turned to some of its contributors to discover their reminiscences of convention seasons gone by, beginning with Alistair Kennedy's encounters with the costumed con-goers of San Diego.

Hey Kids, Comics!
24th February 2003
People who don't read comics still believe that the medium is just for kids, to the bafflement of anyone who's ever gone looking for kids' comics. Ninth Art talks to 12-year-old Jacqueline, to find out what a girl wants.

Wish You Were There? - A report from the San Diego Comic Con 2002
9th August 2002
Missed another chance to stand in a huge room full of sweating comic fans in the California sunshine? Ninth Art's Alistair Kennedy went to the San Diego comic convention, so you wouldn't have to.

Roll Up, Roll Up!
22nd March 2002
Stan Lee was the industry's first great showman. Now current Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada is keeping up the tradition, for better or worse, as demonstrated in his recent public showdown with writer Peter David.

Sex and Drugs and Comic Books
21st December 2001
No-one really expects comic creators to be rockstars, but that doesn't stop them from walking the walk. Creators with charisma - they're out there, but does pop credibility get them credit?

Stan: Still The Man?
9th November 2001
Stan Lee is regarded as one of the most important figures in modern American comics. And whether it's JUST IMAGINE... or his ill-fated online venture, he's still never far the public eye. Al Kennedy wonders whether Stan The Man shouldn't put away his pen once and for all.

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