Craig McGill

The Friday Review: Orbiter
1st August 2003
Space remains a place of infinite mystery - and in ORBITER, one of those mysteries makes its way back to Earth. Ninth Art boldly goes where Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran have gone before.

Craig McGill Is Still Mentally Ill
6th September 2002
PART TWO: The plan was to break in to comics by creating a web-publishing venture. The method would involve a little Grant Morrison and a lot of controversy. Craig McGill continues the story of the little site that never was.

Craig McGill Is Mentally Ill
16th August 2002
PART ONE: Like a lot of people, journalist Craig McGill wants to break in to comics. Like a lot of people, he hasn't managed it so far. This is the first hand account of one man's folly - McGill's attempt to create a web-publishing venture without resorting to 2000AD porn.

Old Bastard's Almanac: An interview with Warren Ellis
11th February 2002
What does the year ahead hold for Warren Ellis? Not just the end of his Vertigo hit series TRANSMETROPOLITAN, but the start of a new relationship with publishers DC, and the publication of a number of outstanding commitments for other publishers.

The Canny 'X' Men: An interview with Grant Morrison and Mark Millar
17th December 2001
Earlier this year, Craig McGill spoke to the two Glaswegians currently riding high in the sales charts with their differing takes on Marvel's flagship franchise. Here, Morrison and Millar talk X-MEN, THE AUTHORITY, THE INVISIBLES, fascism and footwear.

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