Frank Beaton

The Book Review: Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days
24th October 2005
What if the mayor of New York City was a superhero? It's either the most intriguing premise in recent mainstream comics, or the most ridiculous. Brian K Vaughan and Tony Harris mix politics and superheroics in EX MACHINA.

Thumbnail: Alan Moore
17th November 2003
Alan Moore has helped to shape and refine the art of comic book storytelling in a way that no other creators can claim, and may arguably be comics' only true genius. Now, as he reaches his half-century, Ninth Art revisits his extraordinary career.

Snake Charmer: An interview with Alan Moore, Part Two
7th April 2003
Between his groundbreaking comic work and his psychedelic occult performances, Alan Moore has acquired a reputation as a rather odd fellow. He talks to Ninth Art about urban legends, collaborating with Eddie Campbell and Jose Villarubia, and the end of his comics career.

Snake Charmer: An interview with Alan Moore, Part One
31st March 2003
He's the most respected name in comics, but he's leaving it all behind to focus on multimedia performance and magic. To mark our 100th week, Ninth Art talks to Alan Moore about sorcery, opera, and psycho-geography.

Practical Magic: An Interview with JH Williams III
13th January 2003
Whether drawing metaphysical epics or pulp Westerns, he remains one of the most unique, innovative, and - strangely - overlooked artists in modern comics. Ninth Art talks to JH Williams III about sex, magic, and the end of PROMETHEA.

The Friday Review: Skreemer
6th December 2002
Courtesy of X-STATIX, there's something of a Pete Milligan revival in the works. Ninth Art revisits one of the author's earliest US works; a pre-Vertigo classic that gives the gangster genre a Modernist twist.

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