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Comment: Digital Counts
11th April 2005
The Eisner Awards committee is seeking nominations for a possible digital comics award, so who are the likely contenders, and who'll be left out of the race? Plus, remembering the pioneering work of the late Dale Messick.

Comment: Highs And Lows
17th January 2005
DC was Ninth Art's pick for the best publisher of 2004, but its track record was far from perfect, and the recently announced cancellations show up the publisher's weaknesses. Can Vertigo's taster book shore up some of its struggling titles?

Comment: Little Britain
15th November 2004
While the comic industries of America, Japan and Continental Europe all enjoy some degree of success, Britain barely has any industry to speak of. Lindsay Duff looks over the British scene. Plus, the strange case of Marvel and the online roleplaying game.

Comment: When Push Comes To Shove
20th September 2004
The comic industry isn't great at self-promotion, but that doesn't stop others from dressing up as Batman for a cause. Lindsay Duff looks at what fatherhood, free comics and the fund can tell us about comics and the spotlight.

Comment: Coming Attractions
26th July 2004
As CATWOMAN arrives in US cinemas, Lindsay Duff wonders if the suffering has only just begun. And as San Diego closes its doors for another year, what does the future hold for Marvel and 2000AD?

Comment: The Waiting Game
7th June 2004
Forget waiting for the trade. With books like NYX and STRANGEHAVEN, it's taxing enough just waiting for the issues. Lindsay Duff looks at the excuses, the expectations, and the rare exceptions to the waiting game.

Thumbnail: R Crumb
27th January 2003
Ninth Art's profile series continues with a look at the life and works of one of the industry's most celebrated - and most controversial - proponents. We're going underground, to meet Robert Crumb.

Thumbnail: Hergé
28th October 2002
In the first in a new series, Ninth Art profiles one of the world's finest comic storytellers, the controversial creator of TINTIN, who faced depression and accusations of treachery as he worked to bring his enduring creation to the world.

Try Another Flavour: An interview with Jamie S Rich
12th August 2002
Continuing our interview with Oni editor-in-chief Jamie S Rich, this week Ninth Art talks to him about the Hollywood movie boom, the Oni 'clique', and remaining adamant in the face of the fans when controversy comes calling.

Ridicule Is Nothing To Be Scared Of: An interview with Jamie S Rich and Chynna Clugston-Major
5th August 2002
If you're looking for the upstart punks of the comic industry, look no further than Oni Press. Ninth Art pulled up a seat at the cool table to talk to two of the people making all the noise, and tried to get them to stop pulling each other's hair long enough to talk to us.

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