Matthew Craig

The List: Politics
1st November 2004
With Bulent Yusuf, Nick Brownlow and Antony Johnston. Comics may be synonymous with issues, but can they rock the vote? As America prepares to go to the polls, Ninth Art gets political with David Rees, Brian Wood, Joe Sacco and others.

Special Relationship
26th July 2004
Patriotic heroes used to exist for patriotic reasons, so what does it mean for international diplomacy when a Briton recreates Captain America and an American reinvents Captain Britain? Matthew Craig shows some national interest.

World Wide Web
28th June 2004
Spider-Man is returning to the big screen, and looks set to reaffirm his global appeal - but he's also getting a makeover in a new comic for the Indian market. Spider-fan Matthew Craig explores the enduring appeal of Marvel's webslinger.

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