Nick Brownlow

The Friday Review: The Hunting Party
1st November 2002
One of the great European comic artists, Enki Bilal proves the perfect draughtsman for a bleak winter's tale about history, brutality and Cold War politics. Ninth Art joins the party.

The Friday Review: Jack Staff - Yesterday's Heroes
27th September 2002
It's time for superhero fans and black-and-white indie aficionados alike to swallow their prejudices and find some common ground. Paul Grist's inventive and affectionate action adventure series is a real small press success story.

Small World
16th September 2002
Ninth Art brings you a look at the very best of the small press scene, courtesy of Britain's Caption convention - including THE GIRLY COMIC, the Rubins sisters' innovative DARK, and Harris O'Malley's BETWEEN THE CRACKS.

The Friday Review: Abe: Wrong For All The Right Reasons
23rd August 2002
This comic has a superhero, but it's not like any superhero comic. This is a comic about wonder, reflection, poetry and introspection. It may sound like a curious beast, but if Glenn Dakin's ABE is wrong, then we don't want to be right.

The Friday Review: Hellboy: The Chained Coffin And Others
9th August 2002
There tend to be two types of comic fans in the world. Those who love the work of Mike Mignola, and those who just haven't read it yet. Ninth Art checks out a devil of a collection - your perfect introduction to HELLBOY.

The Friday Review: The Fall
19th July 2002
Can comics do short fiction? Are anthologies worth your time? The answer lies in the pages of THE FALL, an essential crime noir from the people who brought you SCENE OF THE CRIME and BERLIN.

The Village Voice: An interview with Gary Spencer Millidge
15th July 2002
There's a whole town full of kooks and weirdoes inside Gary Spencer Millidge's head, and he's single-handedly getting it out there and onto the shelves for you to enjoy. Ninth Art spoke to the creator and self-publisher about the challenges of taking the road less travelled.

A Strange Death
21st June 2002
As recently as in the last ten years, horror comics have represented some of the best and most challenging tales in comics. So why, with a few exceptions, does the genre seem so dead today? Nick Brownlow goes gravedigging.

The Friday Review: Strangehaven: Arcadia
7th June 2002
It's not exactly the fastest comic on the market, but it is one of the most extraordinary - and one of the most rewarding. Following last week's release of issue #14, Ninth Art gets lost in the rural wonderland that is STRANGEHAVEN.

Cities of the Mind
29th April 2002
If you think Europe's a strange and distant land, you ain't seen nothing yet. Nick Brownlow presents an introduction to the European comics phenomenon LES CITES OBSCURES, currently being reprinted in English by NBM.

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