Wheeler, Johnston and Watson

Triple A: The Last Word
19th June 2006
One last time, the editors of Ninth Art got together around the wine bottles to commit their thoughts on the comic industry to tape. In this final Triple A, they reflect on the last five years - and look ahead to the future.

Triple A: Urban Legend
11th July 2005
FROM THE ARCHIVES. Ninth Art presents an article originally published on the 18th of March 2002, in which editors Andrew Wheeler, Antony Johnston and Alasdair Watson discuss the nature of cities in comics.

Letter from the Editors
3rd May 2004
On this, the day of Ninth Art's third anniversary, we announce a few changes we're making to the site so we can continue to bring you the very best in comics criticism and commentary.

Triple A: Tits And Innards
8th March 2004
Is the Mature Readers label a sign that comics have a lot of growing up to do? Ninth Art's editors discuss certification and self-censorship. Contains scenes of explicit self-importance, and ideas some readers may find stupid.

Triple A: Covers Of The Year 2003
15th December 2003
For the third year in a row, the Ninth Art editorial board convenes to look at the very best and very worst comic covers of the past twelve months, as well as the breakthrough talents and the latest trends.

Triple A: Not Brand X
22nd September 2003
Some comic creators like to market themselves as personalities, while others steer clear of the spotlight. Why did Grant Morrison go one way and Peter Milligan the other? The Ninth Art editorial board considers the question of image building.

Triple A: Golden Years
25th August 2003
The best of times, the worst of times. Is the comic industry on the verge of greatness, and if so, what are the signs? The Ninth Art editorial board convenes around the drinks cabinet to consider the state of the industry.

Triple A: Around The Horn
28th July 2003
In a 'very special' Triple A, the Ninth Art editors put their powers of rhetoric to the test as they discuss randomly selected comic topics ranging from Rob Liefeld to Sergio Aragones, by way of the MOOMINS and LITTLE NEMO.

Triple A: Wonderland
21st April 2003
The 9A round table turns its attentions to that most nebulous of comic book concepts, the sense of wonder. Is it something today's creators are actively seeking, and if so, are they succeeding?

Triple A: Getting Ideas
17th February 2003
The question most asked of comic creators is probably, 'Where do you get your ideas from?' Once upon a time, it seemed the only answer was 'other comics'. Are today's creators drawing on more than just the spinnerracks of their youth?

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