Article 10: Room To Grow?
By Paul O'Brien
While DC looks poised to pour ever more energy into the bookstore market, retailer Brian Hibbs has argued that there remains untapped potential in the direct market. Paul O'Brien looks at the latest research.

Beyond Borders: Every Picture Tells A Story
By Marcos Castrillón
Didier Lefévre's extraordinary account of his travels with the mujahedeen in Afghanistan looks set to be a masterpiece of bande dessine, thanks to Emmanuel Guibert's artful combination of photography and illustration.

Article 10: King's Shilling
By Paul O'Brien
Marvel have caused a stir with the announcement that they're working with Stephen King on a line of DARK TOWER comics - but what does 'working with Stephen King' actually entail? Paul O'Brien takes a closer look.

Things To Come: Previews November 2005 for comics shipping January 2006
By Greg McElhatton
Marathon man Greg McElhatton races through the pages of the latest Previews to pick out the cream of next year's first crop, including the art of Stan Sakai, the words of Alan Moore, and the rampages of Godzilla.

Article 10: Grand Theft Artist
By Paul O'Brien
A Japanese comic creator has been caught swiping, and her career may never recover. In America, swiping is a minor embarrassment at worst, and business as usual for many. Paul O'Brien wonders at the difference in attitudes.

Comment: Mohammed And The Mountain
By Matthew Craig
Ninth Art's man in the Midlands reports that the manga bookshop revolution has finally reached his isolated British backwater town. But will it find an audience there, and does it mean anything for the wider comics market?

Things To Come: Previews October for comics shipping December 2005
By Greg McElhatton
There's Borgias, baby-sitters and bicycles in this December's line-up thanks to new books from Jodorowsky, Raina Telgemeier and Sonny Liew - plus the best of Eisner's SPIRIT, and the return of SCOTT PILGRIM.

Article 10: Indirect Action
By Paul O'Brien
With Diamond setting a new threshold for minimum orders, the small press could be frozen out. But are small press comics wasting their time trying to conquer the direct market, and has FINDER's Carla Speed McNeil found a better way?

Comment: Tiger Beat
By Bulent Yusuf
To mark the publication of THE COMPLETE CALVIN & HOBBES, Bulent Yusuf celebrates Bill Watterson's fantastic tale of the adventures of one boy and his tiger, and wonders if it might be the last great comic strip.

Article 10: Exile On Mainstream
By Paul O'Brien
Has manga taken over from superheroes as the comics mainstream, or is it just another niche? Paul O'Brien looks at the facts and figures, and explores just what we really mean by 'mainstream'.

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