Alex Dueben

The Book Review: The Supernaturalists
5th December 2005
Murder is a bloody business - but all the more so when there are vampires involved. Ninth Art uncovers the under-appreciated talents of writer Patrick Neighly in his crime-horror fusion, THE SUPERNATURALISTS.

The Book Review: The Horde
15th August 2005
SKAGGY THE LOST creator Baranko comes into his own with this extraordinary, meditative tale of a visionary Russian dictator and his quest to create a new Eurasian empire. Ninth Art ventures out in pursuit of THE HORDE.

What About Bob? An interview with Bob Schreck, Part Two
28th March 2005
Ninth Art continues its interview with Batman group editor Bob Schreck, this week looking at the function of crossovers like WAR GAMES, the editorial process, and the George Romero horror anthology TOE TAGS.

What About Bob? An interview with Bob Schreck, Part One
21st March 2005
He's the man who tells Batman what to do, and his career has taken him from Comico to Dark Horse to Oni to DC. Ninth Art talks to one of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry, Bob Schreck.

The Book Review: Planetes: Volume One
21st February 2005
It's sci-fi, Jim, but not as you know it. Makoto Yukimara's acclaimed PLANETES allows readers to explore outer space from the back of an interplanetary garbage truck - and it's one of the best views of the cosmos you'll ever find.

The Storyteller
24th January 2005
With the graphic novels he produced over the past thirty years, Will Eisner not only proved himself one of the greatest storytellers in comics, says Alex Dueben; he also became one of the great Jewish American authors of the 20th century.

The Book Review: The Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home
13th December 2004
J Michael Straczynski may have stirred up controversy with his most recent work on SPIDER-MAN, but back on his first arc, he and John Romita Jr demonstrated a fine understanding of the character of Peter Parker.

The Book Review: Green Arrow: The Archer's Quest
15th November 2004
Before stirring up controversy with IDENTITY CRISIS, novelist Brad Meltzer made his comics debut with a run on GREEN ARROW with artists Phil Hester and Ande Parks. Ninth Art asks, does this ARROW hit the target?

The Goon Show: An interview with Eric Powell
18th October 2004
Fast establishing himself as one of Dark Horse's brightest talents, Eric Powell has created a monster with his brilliantly funny THE GOON. Alex Dueben engages in some gangster rapping with the artist.

Omaha Landing: An interview with Omaha Perez
16th August 2004
Omaha Perez started out as a small press artist, until an irresistible idea turned him into a writer-artist. Alex Dueben seeks enlightenment from the creative force behind BODHISATTVA and the forthcoming PERIPHERY anthology.

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