Brent Keane

The Book Review: Batman: Year One
23rd May 2005
Frank Miller is best know for his DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, but to many his best treatment of Batman is in his story of how it all started, working with David Mazzuchelli. This is where Batman begins.

The Friday Review: The Losers: Ante Up
30th April 2004
Giving a dormant DC action-adventure trademark to a relatively unknown creative team may have been a gamble for Vertigo, but when the chips were down, these guys were definitely ready.

The Friday Review: Marvels
9th April 2004
Nostalgia's nothing new. As Marvel's celebration of its superhuman history reaches its tenth anniversary, Ninth Art looks back on the mini series that helped propel Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek to superstardom, and marvels.

Paradoxically Speaking: An interview with Lawrence Miles
5th January 2004
From learning about Britpop in the brothels of Tangiers, to betting for toenails in a bar in New Orleans, FACTION PARADOX creator Lawrence Miles knows a few things about strange journeys. And that's before you get to the time travel.

The Friday Review: Sleeper: Out In The Cold
2nd January 2004
Ninth Art has named it one of the best new series of 2003. Now readers have a second chance to wake up to SLEEPER, with the release of the series' first six issues in a trade paperback collection.

Winning And Losing: An interview with Andy Diggle
8th December 2003
His ongoing series THE LOSERS has helped earn Andy Diggle an exclusive contract with DC relatively early in his writing career. Now Ninth Art talks to the former 2000AD editor about making that well-worn journey from Dredd to Vertigo.

The Friday Review: Hewligan's Haircut
28th November 2003
An early collaboration by two of comics' most pop-sensible creators, HEWLIGAN'S HAIRCUT may have a little too much of the art school about it, but it certainly entertains. Something for the weekend, sir?

The Friday Review: Watchmen
21st November 2003
It's the cornerstone of Alan Moore's reputation, and one of the most popular, successful and critically acclaimed comics ever made. Whether you're reading it for the first time or the one hundredth, Ninth Art discovers that it's still worth watching the WATCHMEN.

The Friday Review: Stormwatch: Team Achilles
17th October 2003
From the Rangers to the Beavers, Micah Ian Wright can claim a stranger pedigree than most new writers, and it shows in his debut series, the politically informed and action packed latest incarnation of STORMWATCH.

The Friday Review: Squadron Supreme
5th September 2003
Classic hero analogues and world-changing supermen; they're familiar staples in today's comics, but Mark Gruenwald's maxiseries was one of the first of its kind. So how does it measure up in the eyes of the modern reader?

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