Kieron Gillen

Top Nine: Gillen's Choice
6th March 2006
Continuing the series in which Ninth Art contributors past and present look back at the nine comics that mean the most to them, this week it's the turn of pop culture journalist and up-and-coming creator Kieron Gillen

Everybody Be Cool: Brand Cool
27th January 2003
In the final part of his journey into cool, Kieron Gillen looks at how some comic fans really are cool - though others really aren't - and how being cool isn't necessarily a good thing for comics.

Everybody Be Cool: Crossing The Line
30th December 2002
Continuing his dissection of cool, Kieron Gillen looks at the relationship between credibility and transgression. Plus, unimpressed by Christmas, Kieron starts a new religion. Heaven help us all.

Everybody Be Cool: The Dress Up Longbox
2nd December 2002
There's more to the iconic power of comics than Superman. Comics are a great resource for iconic images; yet only in rare cases does the 'look' make the crossover into fashion.

Everybody Be Cool: Hip To Be Squarebound
4th November 2002
The image of the comic reader as 'loser-geek' has been well explored - but there's another type of comic reader, too. In a new series, Kieron Gillen looks at the role of the comic book as a chic accessory of the cutting-edge consumer.

Comics and Consoles
14th September 2001
Comics and videogames are often held up as brothers in arms due to their shared disdain by the masses. Videogames journalist Kieron Gillen asks, can they learn from one another, or are we fooling ourselves?

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