Nick Locking

Salacious Illustration: The Right Click
25th October 2002
Any comic publisher can maintain a strong presence on the internet - so how do the Big Four measure up? Nick Locking looks at the best and worst the major publishers' websites have to offer.

Salacious Illustration: Big Fish, Little Fish
27th September 2002
The comic industry is going through a time of change. The dominance of the Big Four is under threat, both from those publishers' failings and from the smaller and often more vibrant companies chipping away at them. Nick Locking assesses the landscape.

Salacious Illustration: Home Of 'The Brave And The Bold'
30th August 2002
America is home to some of the finest serial fiction writers in the world. But they're all working in television. Are all America's best comic writers now past-it old men with beards?

Salacious Illustration: Story Bored
2nd August 2002
Why can't comics be more like prose? Why can't they be more like film? Well, why the hell should they be? Comics are such a perfect storytelling medium, Nick Locking argues, that they've spoiled him for just about anything else.

Salacious Illustration: Getting High On LCD
5th July 2002
Which comics best demonstrate that the industry is on the up? Which comics are the best for bringing in new readers? Forget BERLIN and FROM HELL, says Nick Locking, and pin all your hopes on THE PUNISHER.

Salacious Illustration: Blood, Toil, Beers And Sweat
7th June 2002
The past weekend of the 1st and 2nd of June saw the annual UK Comics Festival take place in Bristol. Now just barely recovered, the award-winning Nick Locking (no, seriously) has this report.

Salacious Illustration: Undistinguished Competition
17th May 2002
The defanging of THE AUTHORITY. The milking of the SANDMAN franchise. The slow, lingering death of the JLA. DC seems determined to lose readers - and a change would do it good, Nick Locking claims.

Salacious Illustration: Looking Out For Number One
12th April 2002
When shameless robophile Nick Locking can't get hold of the new TRANSFORMERS comic, you know there's something wrong with the industry. The 90s may be well behind us, but it seems the 'scary speculator nerds' still haven't learnt their lesson.

Salacious Illustration: Electric Dreams
11th March 2002
Comics in the 21st century have to move beyond ink and paper, but what will it take to get them there? In the age of the DVD, the MP3 and the PDA, tech-freak Nick Locking offers a little FYI.

Salacious Illustration: An 'Other' Hero
11th February 2002
It's one thing to hate X-TREME X-MEN, but quite another to hate MIRACLEMAN. Nick Locking believes there are two types of superhero fiction, yet they both get tarred by the same brush.

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