The Book Review: Classic Dan Dare: Voyage to Venus
By Rob Cave
Remember the 90s? The Space Fleet, the food shortages, the alien Treen? Ninth Art revisits Frank Hampson's vision of the future - as seen from the 1950s - in one of the greatest sci-fi series of all time, DAN DARE.

The Book Review: The R Crumb Handbook
By Bulent Yusuf
Take a guided tour through the world of misanthropic master cartoonist R Crumb. Thanks to this revealing new book on his life and work, Ninth Art gets a little closer to the king of underground comix.

The Book Review: WE3
By Matthew Craig
How could a story about three animals on the run be one of the boldest and most inventive comics of the past twelve months? Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are your guides on an incredible journey.

The Book Review: Batman: Year One
By Brent Keane
Frank Miller is best know for his DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, but to many his best treatment of Batman is in his story of how it all started, working with David Mazzuchelli. This is where Batman begins.

The Book Review: The Book Of Ballads
By Zack Smith
To mark the weekend of May Day, Ninth Art dips a toe in the waters of folklore and myth in the good company of former SANDMAN artist Charles Vess, as he brings a host of classic tales and ballads to life.

The Book Review: Essential Super-Villain Team-Up
By Alistair Kennedy
Stan Lee brings on the bad guys with the help of a host of old school greats in this classic collection of nefarious tales as Dr Doom and the Sub-Mariner team up to take on the world. With special guest Adolf Hitler.

The Book Review: Louis Riel
By Rob Cave
Good comics that attempt to recreate real history are few and far between, but Chester Brown attempted it with his life of Canadian rebel Louis Riel - and the result is a qualified success.

The Book Review: Planetes: Volume One
By Alex Dueben
It's sci-fi, Jim, but not as you know it. Makoto Yukimara's acclaimed PLANETES allows readers to explore outer space from the back of an interplanetary garbage truck - and it's one of the best views of the cosmos you'll ever find.

The Book Review: Comics And Sequential Art
By Rob Cave
In addition to being a master storyteller and a tremendous innovator, Will Eisner was also a great teacher. Long before anyone else was prepared to take comics seriously, he set out to establish the creative language of the artform.

The Book Review: A Life Force
By Rob Vollmar
The Great Depression hits the inhabitants of Dropsie Avenue, and the spectre of Nazism looms. Rob Vollmar explores one of Will Eisner's most accomplished and most autiobiographical works.

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