Alasdair Stuart

The Friday Review: The Unknown Soldier
20th September 2002
It's a socio-political tale of anachronistic values and patriotism taken too far, and one of Garth Ennis's best explorations of some of his most familiar themes. Ninth Art faces the unknown - by the dawn's early light.

The Friday Review: The Birthday Riots
24th May 2002
A stagnant political landscape provides the context for Nabiel Kanan's shifting portrayal of a middle class British family wrestling to match up to expectations, and a man confounded by his own drive to succeed.

The Friday Review: A Distant Soil: The Gathering
3rd May 2002
Colleen Doran's science fiction saga A DISTANT SOIL is one of comics' most intelligent and engaging longform serials. Ninth Art looks back to where the story began.

The Friday Review: Ship of Stone
12th April 2002
Enki Bilal and Pierre Christin present an atmospheric tale of dread and discontent in the small coastal village of Trehoet. This isn't your average trip to the seaside.

The Friday Review: Kingdom Of The Wicked
1st March 2002
A children's author returns to the fantasy land of his youth to find it torn apart by a terrible war in Ian Edginton and D'Israeli's richly-told tale of conflict and growth.

The Friday Review: The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
11th January 2002
Laurence Sterne's 18th century novel is one of the great works of English literature, and a pioneering work of postmodernism. Martin Rowson's bold graphic adaptation adds new layers to an acknowledged classic.

The Friday Review: Fathom: War Beneath The Waves
14th December 2001
When FATHOM launched it was squarely and fairly seen as part of the late-90s boom in T&A - but viewed in retrospect, is it more than just the sum of its body parts? Ninth Art takes the plunge.

The Friday Review: The Whitechapel Freak
23rd November 2001
Ninth Art explores the dark, twisting streets of that other Jack the Ripper comic, David Hitchcock's convention defying self-published WHITECHAPEL FREAK.

Club Forteana: The Coffin
5th November 2001
Ghosts and the living dead have always featured strongly in fiction, not to mention our nightmares. THE COFFIN offers an intelligent and compelling twist on man's obsession with mortality.

Second Time Around
26th October 2001
From the stir of old memories to the love of a familiar tale, Alasdair Stuart takes a look at the reasons why we keep going back to the bookcase to revisit certain stories.

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