Ben Wooller

The Book Review: 100%
19th June 2006
It's a story of unrequited love and visible internal organs, as Ninth Art revisits the punk sci-fi future of indie hero and modern maestro Paul Pope - and discovers that it's what's inside that counts.

Top Nine: Wooller's Choice
24th April 2006
Ben Wooller, Ninth Art's man in Australia, recalls the nine comics that he treasures the most, including a few tattered issues of X-MEN, STAR WARS and GI JOE, the works of PAUL POPE, and a rare Australian original.

Comment: Head Space
8th August 2005
From completist fanboy to SANDMAN addict, Ben Wooller reflects on the evolution of a compulsion. Plus, he pays a visit to M John Harrison's fantasy city of Virconium, in the early 90s graphic novel THE LUCK IN THE HEAD.

Comment: Hear The Noise
18th April 2005
The online comics community is full of outrageous statements and meltdowns - and that's just the creators. Should they log-off to preserve their reputations? Plus, a look at why DC's Humanoids and 2000AD lines may have failed.

Comment: Brought To Books
24th January 2005
After the WEAPON X and MARY JANE novels came and went with little fanfare, Marvel has announced a new book deal with four different publishers. Except, it all sounds a little familiar. Ben Wooller reads between the lines.

Comment: Comics, Know Thy Self
6th December 2004
Ben Wooller looks at Geoff Klock's attempts to skirt around the term 'post-modern' in his exploration of comics' 'third movement', HOW TO READ SUPERHERO COMICS AND WHY. Plus, why Superman is bad for your social conscience.

Comment: Film Four
27th September 2004
The first images from next year's Fantastic Four movie have been released, and Jessica Alba's Sue Storm is causing a particular stir - especially if you're John Byrne. Ben Wooller weighs in.

Comment: Kindred Spirits
9th August 2004
Comics may not be widely read, but the artform has some friends in high places, including novelist Michael Chabon and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Ben Wooller explores the phenomenon of the comics advocate.

Comment: Novel Ideas
14th June 2004
Picture narratives may predate prose, but novels still get the respect. Ben Wooller looks at the new prose publishing initiatives from Marvel and Dark Horse, and explores the world of Michael Chabon's THE ESCAPIST.

The Friday Review: Lux And Alby Sign On And Save The Universe
19th March 2004
Prepare yourself for something a bit novel, in every sense of the word, as author Martin Millar brings together the characters from three of his novels under the pen of Simon Fraser, in order to save the universe.

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