Ben Wooller

The Friday Review: Mr Punch
6th February 2004
Is there anything more disturbing and strange than children's entertainment? Not when it's placed in the hands of Gaiman and McKean. Ninth Art catches a puppet show that might hit rather close to home.

The Friday Review: Bacchus: Immortality Isn't Forever
9th January 2004
Eddie Campbell is best known for FROM HELL and ALEC, but one of his longest running works covers the modern day exploits of an ancient god of wine. Ninth Art heads down to the cellar to rediscover a fine vintage.

The Friday Review: Brooklyn Dreams
14th November 2003
Themes of fatherhood, spirituality, mortality and self-awareness are common in JM DeMatteis's works, but what may seem too strange in MOONSHADOW, too unresolved in SEEKERS, finds humanity and voice through BROOKLYN DREAMS.

The Friday Review: Pop Gun War
10th October 2003
When an angel abandons his wings in a dumpster, it provides one young boy with an opportunity to see his world from a different perspective. Ninth Art takes flight with Farel Dalrymple's exceptional POP GUN WAR.

The Friday Review: Death: The High Cost Of Living
26th September 2003
With the SANDMAN franchise chugging ever onwards, and with writer Neil Gaiman back on the comic racks, Ninth Art looks back to the very first - and arguably best - SANDMAN spin-off.

Thumbnail: Paul Pope
21st July 2003
He's the aspiring Picasso who has become one of comics' hottest and most inventive talents. Ninth Art looks back on the career so far of one of comics' few recognised modern artists, the prodigious Paul Pope.

The Friday Review: No. 5
11th July 2003
A surrealist science fiction fantasy from Japan that draws on some of the best elements of American and European comics art, Taiyo Matsumoto's NO. 5 is more than just a number. Ninth Art joins the chase.

The Friday Review: Cages
11th April 2003
It's a story about creation, and as creations go, it's a real work of art. Ninth Art unlocks master illustrator Dave McKean's weighty magnum opus and enters the CAGES.

The List: Sci-Fi
17th March 2003
From Paul Pope's artpunk extremists to Katsuhiro Otomo's dystopian ultraviolence, science fiction aficionado Ben Wooller offers his view of some of the very best social comment in comics - all with a futurist bent.

The Friday Review: 30 Days of Night
14th March 2003
Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. Lock all the doors and windows and keep on the light in the hall, as Ninth Art checks out the sleeper horror hit of 2003 that won't let you sleep a wink.

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