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Comment: Start Your Engine
19th September 2005
Warren Ellis once oversaw one of comics' most lively discussion boards, but it seemed to collapse under its own weight. Now he's making a second attempt with The Engine, but with its 'no capes' rule, is it trying too hard to be cool?

Comment: Appointments With Disappointment
27th June 2005
From the boring plod of the new Batman movie to the latest scheduling fiasco at Marvel; John Fellows reflects on how, even with the lowest of expectations, the world of comics still manages to let him down.

Comment: Accentuate The Positive?
21st March 2005
After recovering from a serious bout of flu (or possibly just a bit of a cold), John Fellows is reassessing his life and examining just why he's read so many bad comics. Is it because people keep telling him they're good?

Comment: Men Of Tomorrow
3rd January 2005
John Fellows peers into the inky depths of his crystal ball to take a look at the year ahead, and sees a Marvel universe dominated by Brian Bendis, and a DC universe reimagined by Grant Morrison. But what could it all mean?

Comment: Strike A Pose
25th October 2004
Daredevil can crouch, John Constantine can lean, and Emma Frost sure can pout. But is this all that today's comic covers can tell us about these comics? Cover addict John Fellows assesses the state of today's comic covers.

Comment: Some Assembly Required
6th September 2004
The Avengers no more! The latest stage in Brian Michael Bendis's takeover of the Marvel universe sees him taking apart Earth's mightiest heroes with as much relish as Baron Zemo. Is this what it takes to make the Avengers popular again?

Comment: Cold Turkey
12th July 2004
We ask John Fellows to write a column, and what does he do? He decides to give up comics. Along with alcohol and cigarettes. We knew those other two wouldn't stick, but how long could he last without four-colour crack?

Comment: The Academy And The Ministry
17th May 2004
The Eisners are the comic industry's Oscars, but does anyone really care who the winners are? Plus, now MINISTRY OF SPACE is finally over, John Fellows gives his verdict on Warren Ellis's pop comics experiment.

The List: Alan Moore
17th November 2003
With Kieron Gillen, Antony Johnston, Brent Keane and Alasdair Watson. There's more to Moore than WATCHMEN. Ninth Art presents a selection of Moore's other essential works, covering everything from the political to the personal, the magical to the mainstream.

The List: Action
20th October 2003
With Nick Brownlow and Chris Allen. From the Wachowski's MATRIX revolution to Tarantino's ultra-violent KILL BILL, action movies have left action comics in the dust - but there's still a few good fights out there, if you know where to look.

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