Top Nine: Kennedy's Choice
By Alistair Kennedy
That first comic for a long train journey; that first curious dip into indie comics; that first chance to fall in love all over again. From NEW WARRIORS to CHUNKY RICE, Alistair Kennedy remembers his defining moments as a comics fan.

Alphabetti Fumetti: W is for Wagner
By Bulent Yusuf
The idiosyncratic A-to-Z of comic creators nears its end as Bulent Yusuf acclaims John Wagner, applauds Barry Windsor-Smith, and unleashes hell on Chris Ware and JIMMY CORRIGAN.

Waiting for Trondheim
By Jim Wheelock
Ninth Art's man in Angoulême, illustrator Jim Wheelock, presents the third of his annual reports from the front line of the European comics scene, where he notes that this year's festival was a time of chaos, surprise and subversion.

Top Nine: Castrillón's Choice
By Marcos Castrillón
Marcos Castrillón's life in comics takes us through some of the artform's most popular milestones, including WATCHMEN and DKR, and on a back-roads tour through lesser known classics like ADOLF and MORT CINDER.

Alphabetti Fumetti: V is for Vaughan
By Alistair Kennedy
The eclectic guide to comics' most memorable creators reaches U, for ASTERIX co-creator Albert Uderzo, and V, for RUNAWAYS writer Brian K Vaughan and former Image impresario Jim Valentino.

Top Nine: Yusuf's Choice
By Bulent Yusuf
From Schulz to Schultz, Bulent Yusuf offers a guided tour of the nine comics that shaped his love for comics, including kids' comic strips for all ages, and defining moments of superhero action.

Alphabetti Fumetti: T is for Thomas
By Alistair Kennedy
Ninth Art's rundown of the industry's most notable creators continues with a look at famed Marvel writer Roy Thomas, legendary minimalist Alex Toth, and superstar artist Michael Turner.

Top Nine: Wooller's Choice
By Ben Wooller
Ben Wooller, Ninth Art's man in Australia, recalls the nine comics that he treasures the most, including a few tattered issues of X-MEN, STAR WARS and GI JOE, the works of PAUL POPE, and a rare Australian original.

Alphabetti Fumetti: S is for Shooter
By Bulent Yusuf
Comics are full of heroes and villains - on the page and behind it. Bulent Yusuf looks at the acclaimed THOR visionary Walt Simonson, the controversial CEREBUS creator Dave Sim, and the man behind SECRET WARS and the New Universe, Jim Shooter.

Top Nine: Johnston's Choice
By Antony Johnston
Ninth Art editor and comic book writer Antony Johnston tells the story of his life as a comics fan, from Alan Moore to Azzarello, from ZENITH to WHITEOUT, from first flings to reignited passions.

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