Top Nine: de Campi's Choice
By Alex de Campi
Author and columnist Alex de Campi picks nine comics that have shaped her love for the medium, from the depravity of PANORAMA DE L'ENFER to the eccentricity of SWIMINI PURPOSE via Bob Burden and Edward Gorey.

Alphabetti Fumetti: R is for Romita
By Alistair Kennedy
Ninth Art celebrates comics' greatest father-and-son dynasty, the legendary talents that are the Johns Romita, and we take a look at the ascendance of comics first painter superstar, Alex Ross.

Things To Come: Previews April for comics shipping June 2006
By Greg McElhatton
Simon Bisley takes on PARADISE, Jamie Rich tackles LOVE, Gilbert Hernandez looks at SLOTH, and Neil Gaiman does big crazy Kirby supermen! Plus, the essential anthologies for 2006; OUT OF PICTURE and FLIGHT volume three.

Top Nine: Craig's Choice
By Matthew Craig
Matthew Craig recounts tales of heartache, youth, and giant robots punching giant robots as he remembers the nine comics that shaped his life as a fan - including DEADLINE, KANE and IRON WOK JAN.

Top Nine: Burgess' Choice
By Andrea Burgess
The pundit formerly known as German Bight returns to Ninth Art to guide us through the nine comics that have mattered most to her over the years, including the reinvention of SWAMP THING, and Scott McCloud's epic ZOT!

Alphabetti Fumetti: Q is for Quesada
By Alistair Kennedy
Who's the man who oversaw New Marvel's great leap forward as well as its slide back into bad habits? And who's this Vince Deighan fellow that Grant Morrison likes so much? Those are the Qs. Alistair Kennedy has the As.

Top Nine: Smith's Choice
By Zack Smith
Reviewer extraordinaire Zack Smith reveals his top nine comics from a lifetime's reading, from his early affection for SCROOGE MCDUCK to his passion for Lawrence Marvit's SPARKS.

Top Nine: Gillen's Choice
By Kieron Gillen
Continuing the series in which Ninth Art contributors past and present look back at the nine comics that mean the most to them, this week it's the turn of pop culture journalist and up-and-coming creator Kieron Gillen

Alphabetti Fumetti: P is for Pekar
By Bulent Yusuf
Bulent Yusuf appraises three more comic creators of note, remembering under-appreciated Batman artist Mike Parobeck, boggling at the detailed work of George Perez, and wondering at the splendour of Harvey Pekar.

Beyond Borders: Mondo Loco
By Marcos Castrillón
With bawdy comic series MONDO LIRONDO, four university friends produced an amateur fanzine that turned into a huge commercial hit. Marcos Castrillón looks at how one 'posse' of Spanish cartoonists hit gold.

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