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Top Nine: McElhatton's Choice
12th June 2006
Ninth Art's prognosticator-in-chief, Things To Come author Greg McElhatton, reveals his personal Story So Far - from ELFQUEST to JLA via manga, McKean and McKeever.

Things To Come: Previews June for comics shipping August 2006
5th June 2006
Greg McElhatton's monthly dip into the Previews catalogue comes to an end at Ninth Art with a few words of parting advice and a look ahead to LOST GIRLS, Richard Sala's DELPHINE, and Brendan McCarthy's SOLO.

Things To Come: Previews May for comics shipping July 2006
1st May 2006
Bumper boys, genius girls and dinky deaths are all present and correct this month. Plus, KRAMER gets a new ERGOT, SURROGATES get collected, and barbarians get together with CONAN and XENA.

Things To Come: Previews April for comics shipping June 2006
3rd April 2006
Simon Bisley takes on PARADISE, Jamie Rich tackles LOVE, Gilbert Hernandez looks at SLOTH, and Neil Gaiman does big crazy Kirby supermen! Plus, the essential anthologies for 2006; OUT OF PICTURE and FLIGHT volume three.

Things To Come: Previews March for comics shipping May 2006
27th February 2006
Memoirs are in fashion with Brian Fies' MOM'S CANCER, Alison Bechdel's FUN HOME and Miriam Katin's WE ARE ON OUR OWN, plus there's science fiction from Neal Shaffer, and science action from Matt Fraction.

Things To Come: Previews February for comics shipping April 2006
30th January 2006
April showers us with plenty of great comics, including ADVENTURES IN OZ, KINGS IN DISGUISE, and the launch line up from First Second. Greg McElhatton navigates through the April fools to find the best new books available.

Things To Come: Previews January 2006 for comics shipping March 2006
2nd January 2006
It's already springtime in Previewsland, and the season brings fresh blooms from Maurice Vellekoop, Megan Kelso and Scott Morse, plus brand new SKY APE, the collected LA PERDIDA, and Kurt Busiek's AQUAMAN.

Things To Come: Previews December 2005 for comics shipping February 2006
28th November 2005
Love comics? Then send yourself a Valentine this February with new editions of CRYING FREEMAN or Bendis' SAM & TWITCH, the Belle & Sebastian comics anthology, romance in the mighty Marvel mutant manner, or classic gay comics from Ignite.

Things To Come: Previews November 2005 for comics shipping January 2006
31st October 2005
Marathon man Greg McElhatton races through the pages of the latest Previews to pick out the cream of next year's first crop, including the art of Stan Sakai, the words of Alan Moore, and the rampages of Godzilla.

Things To Come: Previews October for comics shipping December 2005
10th October 2005
There's Borgias, baby-sitters and bicycles in this December's line-up thanks to new books from Jodorowsky, Raina Telgemeier and Sonny Liew - plus the best of Eisner's SPIRIT, and the return of SCOTT PILGRIM.

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