Alistair Kennedy

Alphabetti Fumetti: Z is for Zep
12th June 2006
Ninth Art's eclectic abecedarium reaches its conclusion with three very different artists - young star Leinil Francis Yu, definitive SANDMAN illustrator Michael Zulli, and international best-seller Zep.

Top Nine: Kennedy's Choice
29th May 2006
That first comic for a long train journey; that first curious dip into indie comics; that first chance to fall in love all over again. From NEW WARRIORS to CHUNKY RICE, Alistair Kennedy remembers his defining moments as a comics fan.

Alphabetti Fumetti: V is for Vaughan
15th May 2006
The eclectic guide to comics' most memorable creators reaches U, for ASTERIX co-creator Albert Uderzo, and V, for RUNAWAYS writer Brian K Vaughan and former Image impresario Jim Valentino.

Alphabetti Fumetti: T is for Thomas
1st May 2006
Ninth Art's rundown of the industry's most notable creators continues with a look at famed Marvel writer Roy Thomas, legendary minimalist Alex Toth, and superstar artist Michael Turner.

Alphabetti Fumetti: R is for Romita
3rd April 2006
Ninth Art celebrates comics' greatest father-and-son dynasty, the legendary talents that are the Johns Romita, and we take a look at the ascendance of comics first painter superstar, Alex Ross.

Alphabetti Fumetti: Q is for Quesada
20th March 2006
Who's the man who oversaw New Marvel's great leap forward as well as its slide back into bad habits? And who's this Vince Deighan fellow that Grant Morrison likes so much? Those are the Qs. Alistair Kennedy has the As.

Alphabetti Fumetti: O is for Otomo
20th February 2006
Continuing Ninth Art's tour through some of the comic industry's most diverse talents, we turn to the creator of multimedia icon MODESTY BLAISE, the man who remade BATMAN, and the imagination that unleashed AKIRA.

Alphabetti Fumetti: K is for Kane
26th December 2005
Ninth Art's rundown of comics' most notable creators continues with profiles of BATMAN creator Bob Kane, surrealist storyteller Sam Kieth, and

Alphabetti Fumetti: I is for Infantino
28th November 2005
Comics are a fickle business, where management failings are better remembered than artistic triumphs, one book can make an up-and-comer arrive, and pioneers don't often get their due. Ninth Art's ABC reaches Infantino, Irving and Isabella.

Alphabetti Fumetti: G is for Gaiman
31st October 2005
Ninth Art's tour through some of the biggest names in comics reaches G, where Alistair Kennedy looks at Gaiman beyond SANDMAN, Gerber's trouble with HOWARD, and Grayson's obsession with NIGHTWING.

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