The Book Review: 100%
By Ben Wooller
It's a story of unrequited love and visible internal organs, as Ninth Art revisits the punk sci-fi future of indie hero and modern maestro Paul Pope - and discovers that it's what's inside that counts.

The Book Review: Can't Get No
By Matthew Craig
Artist Rick Veitch presents his response to the events of September 11th 2001, with his strange, silent and stylish urban parable about anxiety and disaffection. Ninth Art gets some CAN'T GET NO.

The Book Review: Black Hole
By Rob Cave
A handsome book that's brilliantly ugly on the inside; Ninth Art plunges in to the BLACK HOLE to appraise Charles Burns' ten-years-in-the-making magnum opus about teenage disaffection and sexual awakening.

The Book Review: The Best 12 Commando Books Ever
By Matthew Craig
Generations of British children have grown up with the digest-sized boy's own war stories of COMMANDO. Now some of its greatest hits have been collected in a single volume. Ninth Art rediscovers a very British war.

The Book Review: Spiral-Bound
By Zack Smith
Hey, kids! A comic! Ninth Art enters the charming world of Aaron Renier's SPIRAL-BOUND: TOP SECRET SUMMER, where a little menace may just lurk beneath the waters in this hugely enjoyable children's tale.

The Book Review: The Supernaturalists
By Alex Dueben
Murder is a bloody business - but all the more so when there are vampires involved. Ninth Art uncovers the under-appreciated talents of writer Patrick Neighly in his crime-horror fusion, THE SUPERNATURALISTS.

The Book Review: Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days
By Frank Beaton
What if the mayor of New York City was a superhero? It's either the most intriguing premise in recent mainstream comics, or the most ridiculous. Brian K Vaughan and Tony Harris mix politics and superheroics in EX MACHINA.

The Book Review: Capote In Kansas
By Zack Smith
The murder of a Kansas family lies at the heart of IN COLD BLOOD, but what was in Truman Capote's heart that made him want to tell their story? Ninth Art follows Ande Parks and Chris Samnee, as they follow Capote to Kansas.

The Book Review: The Horde
By Alex Dueben
SKAGGY THE LOST creator Baranko comes into his own with this extraordinary, meditative tale of a visionary Russian dictator and his quest to create a new Eurasian empire. Ninth Art ventures out in pursuit of THE HORDE.

The Book Review: Epileptic
By Rob Cave
French cartoonist David B's acclaimed, frustrating and discomforting autobiographical comic deals with his brother's struggle with epilepsy - and his family's struggles with his brother. Ninth Art meets the family.

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