John Connors

The Friday Review: Fables: Legends in Exile
7th February 2003
Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. But don't expect a happy ever after for the heroes of your bedtime stories. Bill Willingham's high concept whodunnit for Vertigo is no fairy tale.

The Friday Review: Zero Girl
13th December 2002
Amy Smootster is an unconventional girl, and hers isn't so much a story as an experience. One that's not to be missed. If you haven't dabbled in the world of Sam Kieth before, it's time to get your feet wet.

The Friday Review: Ruse: Enter The Detective
4th October 2002
It's a little bit CrossGen, a little bit Conan Doyle; but is Mark Waid's elegantly illustrated detective tale too compromised to truly succeed? The answer is elementary, my dear reader...

The Friday Review: Maus - A Survivor's Tale
6th September 2002
It's the CITIZEN KANE of comics - but does the sheer weight of expectation affect the appeal MAUS holds for new readers? Ninth Art's John Connors belatedly takes his seat to hear the Spiegelman family's survivor's tale.

The Friday Review: The Books Of Magic
2nd August 2002
A small bespectacled English schoolboy is initiated into the world of magic. A familiar sounding set-up, but this is the Gaiman variation: Everything you ever wanted to know about sects, but were too afraid to ask.

The Friday Review: Preacher: Gone To Texas
21st June 2002
It's a very profane sort of morality tale; Ninth Art travels to the Lone Star State to hear the gospel according to Ennis and Dillon in this, the first chapter of Vertigo's modern classic.

Movie Review Special: Spider-Man
27th May 2002
The hype's died down, the competition's passed through town, but does one of the most successful movies ever made still stand up to scrutiny? John Connors has worn the tights; now he's experienced the dream.

The Friday Review: Kingdom Come
19th April 2002
Ninth Art revisits the end of the universe; Alex Ross and Mark Waid's epic mid-90s miniseries that aimed to provide a capstone to the history of DC's superhero world.

The Friday Review: Astro City: Life in the Big City
15th March 2002
Kurt Busiek's ASTRO CITY is a striking work of civic planning - a universe of characters created afresh, but made to feel retro and familiar. Ninth Art hopped on the commuter shuttle to revisit the old metropolis.

The Friday Review: Tom Strong Book One
1st February 2002
With Tom Strong, Alan Moore has created the archetypal adventurer. Part homage, part pastiche - but is there anything beneath the pulp?

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