Nick Brownlow

The Friday Review: Button Man: The Killing Game
12th December 2003
John Wagner is best known for his work on Judge Dredd, so it's no surprise that his creator-owned BUTTON MAN is another bleakly violent work with a cold-blooded protagonist. But, as Ninth Art discovers, it's also one of Wagner's best.

The Friday Review: Pubo
19th September 2003
Leland Purvis, the hugely innovative creator of VOX, edged towards the mainstream with his tale of a renegade genetically engineered man running amok among the talking animals of the forest. But not that mainstream. Ninth Art tracks down PUBO.

The Friday Review: Get Your War On
29th August 2003
War. What is it good for? Well, it's good for a laugh, judging by David Rees's low-fi clip-art commentary on America's war on terror. Ninth Art is in the house for what may be the most seen webcomic in the world.

The List: Monsters
14th July 2003
From demonic creatures attacking Japan to alien parasites attacking... well, Japan, everyone loves a good monster story. Except for those people running through the streets of Tokyo. Ninth Art goes on a rampage. Grargh.

Thumbnail: Katsuhiro Otomo
16th June 2003
He created one of the most influential and popular comics of all time, then all but turned his back on the industry. Ninth Art explores the career of master of manga Katsuhiro Otomo, from ACTION to animation.

The Friday Review: Johnny Nemo
9th May 2003
Some people get nostalgic for comics about toys, but people who grew up with DEADLINE are more likely to yearn for the violent fascists of their youth. Nick Brownlow discovers that the magic is still there.

The Friday Review: Sanctum
25th April 2003
Nazis, nuclear submarines, monsters and explosions? That's entertainment. Ninth Art explores the depths and shallows of Xavier Dorison and Christophe Bec's two volume SANCTUM.

The Friday Review: London's Dark
31st January 2003
The spirit of the Blitz isn't the only spirit conjured in James Robinson and Paul Johnson's recently republished late 80s graphic novel. It's an historic tale from a very different period in comics history, but it still feels fresh today.

Thumbnail: John Wagner
23rd December 2002
From BATMAN to THE BOGIE MAN, John Wagner's had a varied career, but he'll always be best known for his role in creating one of comics' most iconic characters. Ninth Art profiles the daddy of Dredd, John Wagner.

The Friday Review: Leave It To Chance: Shaman's Rain
20th December 2002
As new issues of LEAVE IT TO CHANCE finally arrive in stores, Ninth Art invites you to take a chance on the first album format collection of James Robinson and Paul Smith's wonderful adventure yarn - for children of all ages.

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